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Eauxwell Nigeria Limited is one of the nation's leading water, wastewater & renewable energy engineering firms. 
The company's dedication to these tasks has led to its growth both within the nation and internationally and the 'Eauxwell' brand is a leading and trusted one in Nigeria's water industry. Eauxwell Nigeria Ltd is the complete water solutions company and clients that know the importance of quality water always call on Eauxwell.



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water ringCorporate Goal

It is our aim to become the leading provider of domestic and industrial water systems, as well as continue our quest for a Nigeria with adequate potable water supply to its teeming population. We also strive for the continual provision of potable water to Nigerians at affordable prices through supply and installation of high quality water pumps, electrical panels and related products. Based on our aims for  human sustenance, we believe in a philosophy which has come to be our  motto.

                                                   " Water for life...Water for all "

We have more than 20 years in the water and waste water industry and this is reflected in the quality of our products and services. Eauxwell Nigeria Limited also provides alternative energy solutions (solar & wind energy systems) for rural electrification & mini-grids based the Sunny Island Concept.